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Leagues & Tournaments

Media rights negotiations ♣ Modelling leagues as franchises or with promotion/relegation ♣ Planning on players including restrictions and developing local talent ♣ Developing infrastructure including academies and training.

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Clubs & Teams

Debt and equity financing and restructuring ♣ Sale and purchase of clubs, primarily football/soccer in Europe and the Americas ♣ Due diligence on clubs on behalf of buyers ♣ Stadium and academy naming rights, shirt & kit sponsorship ♣ Sourcing players with particular emphasis on Latin America, Africa and continental and Eastern Europe.

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Players & People

Planning careers in the immediate and long term ♣ Negotiation of contracts with clubs, companies and sponsors ♣ Handling of media and publicity ♣ Financial planning of earnings, savings and pension plans ♣ Planning the transition after playing career ♣ Advising on second career after playing career ♣ Retirement planning including financial management of wealth.

Who We Are

A team of professional advisors with hands-on experience in the sports industry.
We understand sports and sports people.

Socfin traces its history back to a family office business established in Switzerland in 1972 to look after the free liquid assets of one of the great mining fortunes that was founded in 1849 and became the first significant business to transfer its corporate headquarters from England to Geneva in 1916. Following the death of the patriarch in 1984, the family office senior management team took over the business and grew it significantly.In the late 1980s, the services were extended into financial planning for leading football clubs and managers before adding the financing, sale & purchase and management of football clubs twelve years ago. Services were extended to the development of leagues, academies and training in 2011 and extended to sports men and women in 2014.

Latest News

Socfin congratulates Tony Xia on his purchase of Aston Villa Football Club from Randy Lerner and was pleased to have negotiated and arranged the transaction on his behalf.